Maths Language Support

This page is a resource to help students and parents understand and practise the language of Maths.

Practising numbers

Throw sets of numbered dice. Practice saying the smallest number and the largest number.

Choose a number game from this website.

Don't know a word in Maths?

The animated glossaries and dictionaries will help you understand. Try the games to see how the language works, as well as practice reading. Listen to Brainpop videos to hear how the language works (username isppel, password cambodia11). You can add closed captioning so you can read along with the video and stop if you need to check the meaning. Make a list of Maths words you hear.

Maths uses many words for different symbols, making it hard to understand what to do when children are asked to solve a word problem.

A good way to practise the different terms is to throw sets of numbered dice and practise saying the operation in different ways:

  • How much does 2 and 2 make?
  • If you add 2 and 2, how much do you get?
  • What is the sum of 2 and 2?
  • What is the total of 2 and 2?
  • How much is 2 and 2 altogether?

  • If you subtract 3 from 5, how much does that leave?
  • What is the difference between 5 and 3?

Play this game and discover how the different Maths symbols are expressed in words. Try to find the Maths words in the word problems at the start of the games. Make a list. Monster Crossing