Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things to do now the school is closed for EAL

Dear students,

The school is closed today so you will be doing work for EAL at home. 
How long should I work each day?
Try to spend 30 minutes to an hour on some of these tasks. Post at least one task a day on your blog. 
What if I have a question?
I will be online between 9am and 2pm. Make sure you email me ( with questions.  
How do I show my work?
Post your work (a recording, a picture or a written post) on your own blog.  

Make sure you ALWAYS do the last activity! Have fun!

  • Make a comic about a time you showed you were a communicator, risk-taker, inquirer, knowledgeable, balanced, caring, If you can't remember what the profiles are, have a look here. Use this tool or Comic Life. Give it a title: I was an inquirer when..... Post it on your blog.
  • Take pictures of yourself making a recipe (like a milkshake or sandwich) and create instructions using Comic Life. First, look at examples of procedures. Post on your blog.
  • Create your own story using Storybird. First, use this story planner to help you plan for your story. Share the plan and your finished story on your blog when you are finished. 
  • Log in to Raz kids and read for twenty minutes. Do at least three quizes. 
  • Play one of the grammar games on this blog.
  • Read one of the stories in the table below. Do one of the activities. Share it on your blog. If you are telling, record what you say and share it on your blog.

Tell or write about a time that you were sick.
Tell or write about something that happened to you at the Doctors.
Tell or write about something that you have ever been teased about.
Make a list of your favourite foods and your least favourite foods.
Draw a picture of your doctor.
Collect recipes of dishes that use beans.

Retell this story in your own words.
Discuss and then tell or write about what you enjoyed most about this book.
Explain the reasons given in the story for crocodiles having a blue-gray body; big, sharp claws; and pointed teeth.
Tell how the three bad crocodiles sharpened their pointed teeth.
Tell or write how Guji Guji tricked the three bad crocodiles when they waited underneath the bridge for the ducks to practice diving?
Read Guji Guji aloud to someone or record yourself. Post the recording on your blog.
Write a report about “ducks”. Use this example.
Write a report about “crocodiles”. Use this example.
Retell this story in your own words.
Discuss and then tell or write about what you enjoyed most about this book.
Discuss and then tell or write about the reactions to Sophie at the Beekman’s Boardinghouse.
Read Sophie’s Masterpiece aloud to someone or record yourself.
Research “spiders”.
Write a report about “spiders”. Use this graphic orh
Research “boardinghouses”. Find out as much as you can from interviewing people. 
Retell this story in your own words.
Write about what you enjoyed most about this book on your blog.
Have you ever been in a situation where you had something to say, but you were too shy to say it? Explain this situation to someone.
If you have some advice to share about how you have worked through being too shy to talk, share that with someone.
Go roller skating. Keep mental notes about what you enjoy most about roller skating. When you finish, write down your ideas.
Make a poster of “Safety Tips for Roller Skating.” Take a picture and post this on your blog.
List the things Nicholas could do as a cat that he couldn’t do as a boy. Post this on your blog.
Recall from the story the events and make a list of all the messes that
Nicholas, as a cat, caused to happen. Now, think about a time in your life 
when you created a mess. Tell or write about this experience. 
Make an illustration of your mess. Take a picture and post it on your blog.
Retell this story in your own words.
Tell or write about what you enjoyed most about this book.
Tell and then write about what you would have done if you had been the baby bat separated from your mother.
Look very carefully at the front cover of the book Stellaluna. Does this illustration match with what you think and know about bats? Discuss this with someone and record this discussion. Post it on your blog.
Look very carefully at the back cover of the book Stellaluna. What type of animal do you think this is and why?  
Make a word web about bats. If you have never done this it’s easy to do. Take a sheet of paper and draw a circle about 2 inches in diameter in the center of the paper. Write the word “bats” in the circle. Now, draw 6 or 7 lines out from the edge of the circle so that they coming out all around the circle. On each line write something you know about bats. You can also use 

  • Read other EAL children's blogs. Say something nice about a task they have completed and what you learned from it, or how it inspired you. Post a question.
  • Always do this task: Write on your blog what you did for EAL today. What did you enjoy? What did you not enjoy? Use the past tense! Start like this: Today for EAL I ......

Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's Book Week!

It's book week and students in EAL want to know what the world is reading! They are preparing to talk about their own books. In the meantime, please help them by adding your own examples.